Middle East Schools can apply for British Accreditation Foundation status

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  • Published Date : 2017-05-24

British Accreditation Foundation called on schools across the Middle East to apply for the status of "accredited school"

This Accreditation ntitles a school to access British Accreditation Foundation (BAF) range of services and to use BAF's Logo on their website as well as documentation and website use.  When their heads/teachers are accredited Members of BAF, schools automatically have access to the services of BAF such as its daily educational news summary and specialist advice.

BAF support, available by telephone or online, is a major benefit of accreditation. Our staff are available for impartial and informed advice on areas as diverse as staffing, compliance and leadership.  BAF  provides an extensive extra-curricular programme for pupils.

Accreditation is a measurement to ensure that schools meet rigorous and up-to-date standards of education and professionalism. To become accredited, schools must undergo evaluation and approval of their curriculums. The goal of accreditation is to ensure that education provided by educational institutions meets acceptable levels of quality.

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