British Accreditation Foundation (BAF) is an independent private educational organisation specialized in developing the different forms of education. BAF grants accreditation to educational organisations such as universities, colleges, training centres and schools given that they  meet internationally recognized guides and standards. BAF also recognizes individuals such as  trainers, practitioner and academics given that they meet our requirements.

Organisations and individuals wishing to obtain our accreditation must to demonstrate their competencies and achievement in their field within their operational country. The accreditation process is centred on sophisticated review of the bodies/individuals who apply for our different categories. Applicants should meet our standards specified in our website.


Accreditation Categories:-

  1. Corporate Accreditation: 
    • ​​University Accreditation
    • College Accreditation 
    • Training Centre Accreditation
    • School Accreditation 
  2. Individual Accreditation
    • ​​Trainer Accreditation
    • Practitioner Accreditation
    • Academics Accreditation
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