Middle East Training Centres can be accredited by British Accreditation Foundation (BAF)

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  • Published Date : 2017-05-24

British Accreditation Foundation (BAF)  announced earlier this week that Training Centres from across the Middle East can apply to obtain the status of accredited centre.

BAF offer full and partial accreditation for Training centres worldwide. We can accredit training courses trainers and other resources used in the process. Additionally, we can provide training centres with training bags for the courses they choose to accredit.

According to BAF, bodies accredited will have the following advantages:

  1. Build your reputation by being accredited by our Academy so you have an Increased visibility of your training centre.
  2. Become a member BAF
  3. Accrediting your courses
  4. Improve your professional standards by using our curriculum to teach your students
  5. Get your certificates stamped and certified by us (Students and public can validate their certificates through our website database.
  6. Training Two of your staff once a year.
  7. Your organization will be displayed in the database of accredited organizations at our website.
  8. You will have a page to display your courses.
  9. You will benefit from the our recommendation to carry out training courses in your country if we get requests from certain clients.
  10. Extend your client base by being promoted to our community of several thousand HR and L&D professionals.
  11.  Free attendance at selected events, conferences and network meetings.
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